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Emily Navas is such a great acupuncturist. I've been going to her for two years now. She has been so instrumental in helping me put my body back into a healthy state. She so patient with me when I don't keep up my end of things that I should be doing for myself. She just goes to work with needles, undoing my self-created damage:) We're almost there!


Emily has been my acupuncturist for several years now. I am an acupuncturist and I find it hard to find someone up to my standards. Well, Emily meets and exceeds them. She is a great listener and practitioner. I always feel so balanced and calm after a treatment. I love Emily.


I have been treated by Emily many times and I always come away feeling like she "got" me and really listened before she gives me a treatment.  She does Five Element acupuncture, so she's always able to explain what's going on with me in terms that I can understand (and it's always really beautiful and poetic, even when I'm dealing with something, er, not so beautiful).  Her style is really gentle, which made a believer out of this acupuncture addict who thought that in order for it to work, it had to be intense and crazy painful.  She's always going to weekend seminars to hone her already masterful skills, and she's an artist with moxa. I would recommend her to anyone, but especially if you are afraid of acupuncture being a painful experience.


I wanted my eight year old to try a more natural holistic treatment for her seasonal allergy and eczema rather than giving her the usual course of treatment prescribed by her pediatrician and that was how we started coming to Emily's practice.  I was a bit nervous at the beginning since kids are typically more fearful on the idea of needles or being pricked by needles than taking medicine.  However, by the end of our first appointment, my fear diminished.  There is a natural gentleness and friendliness with the way Emily connects and engages with her young clients that put them at ease and as a result they are more receptive to their treatments.  I was presently surprise to see my child wanting to come back for more treatment after her first session.  I highly recommend Emily's service for a more holistic approach to health.


I have been getting accupuncture treatments for Emily for about a year now and it has always been a wonderful and pleasant experience overall.

I am one of those people who have too many balls in the air and don't allow myself much time to just be quiet and relax. Emily always puts me at ease with her gentle and calming manner. She takes her time to find out what's going on in my life, what health, emotional and other challenges i'm having. She will explain which 5 star accupuncture points she is doing depending what is going on with me and its fascinating to hear the names and what they do.

She knows her craft and is quite expert at it. Emily 's very good a figuring out what you really need and good giving a voice to things that i will ignore when my body is telling me to pay attention.

Emily will recommend herbs to help with warding off colds and improving my immune system or helping with a shoulder pain. I take the stuff she recommends before going on planes and so far haven't gotten sick from any trips. Shes also made suggestions on some changes in my diet to help and i've incorporated a lot of them.

I'm prone to allergies and usually arrive needing something to help me cope. By the end of the hour usually everything has calmed down, my eyes and nose aren't bothering me as much, my energy is flowing better and i'm more relaxed and ready to deal with the rest of the day. She treats not just your accupressure points but all of you holistically.


Emily is extremely sweet, caring and incredibly helpful as she is highly adept in her knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic, Homeopathic, and 5 Element Acupuncture. She has been my acupuncturist for many years now and I have to say I always feel amazing after leaving her office it is definitely the highlight of my week. I struggle with seasonal allergies, pains and aches, hormonal or emotional problems she has treated me many times when I was feeling unwell and miraculously sped up my recovery so that I can get back to living life! 5 Stars from me.


Emily is an incredible acupuncturist. I started seeing Emily in 2014 for a retinal cyst caused by high levels of cortisol and stress. Her holistic approach put me at ease and not only helped my symptoms, but increased my overall health and quality of life. Emily's approach is very patient-centered--she is a great listener and I feel included in each of my treatments, every step of the way. I look forward to each of my sessions with Emily and can't recommend her work enough. Booking a treatment with her is the best thing you can do for your health!


I have been seeing Emily for nearly a year now, after trying other practitioners with varying results. I think the 5 elements approach really is the way to go, and Emily in particular is a masterful practitioner of it.  This is not a "stick the needles in and walk away for an hour" style of acupuncture. It is very dynamic, with Emily gauging things as she goes so she can tune and adjust and have the most positive impact.   Not only is she skillful in acupuncture, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in many areas of health and wellness, treating the "whole person".  She really helps you get to the bottom of whatever is going on with you and can give great advice on lifestyle, natural remedies, nutrition, emotional health, etc.  When I leave her office, I feel rejuvenated, and I almost always have a great tip to improve my well being.